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If the mission statement of your company is like your mother’s “fine china”, – pretty to look at, but used only on special occasions,

If you have to read your mission statement in order to share with others,

If your mission statement focuses only on the desires of the stockholders,

Your company is suffering from the Mission Myth:

The mission statement is an advertising slogan for the company and best left to the professional writers.

Mission myth challenges the use of mission statements as the external cure to business focus and energy problems. To motivate and guide, a mission must speak to the real values and energy of the people in an organization. Only those who are experienced in the company – the direction, the values, the history can do this work properly.

Hiring out this critical leadership work is like abdicating the execution of the Annual Stockholders Meeting to the interns in the Accounting department. Even if the numbers and reports are correct,  will the stockholders and market analysts feel good about the company after that meeting?

The mission myth is one of the 12 business myths, or prevalent practices,  that get poor results that are discussed in my free report.

In this report I simply describe the change that de-myth-ifies the topics and presents a simple path to bigger profits through a better working organization.

I have lived the success of the work process changes suggested and I want to offer them to anyone who is willing to invest in their organization and themselves. It’s a ride that changes the way you see the world; and also the way the world experiences you.

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