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Empowerment Is

Empowerment Is
  • Freedom of thought
  • Freedom to express thoughts
  • Free flow of knowledge and data
  • Personal plans and actions are based on a clear understanding of shared values, strategy, and business case. (Clear sense of purpose)
  • Freedom to challenge decisions and activities based on a clear understanding of shared values, strategy, and business cases.
  • Having mutual respect across the organization such that authority level is not a factor in personal influence.
  • Personally adjusting activities and skill sets to fit the business needs.
  • Delivering value to the business in a way that is unique for each individual, yet adequately consistent.
  • Confrontation is a learning experience
  • Implementing new ideas in a way others can contribute and improve on the idea
  • Actively seeking and giving feedback for improvement and learning.
Empowerment is not
  • Not thinking
  • Fear to express thoughts
  • Restricted flow of knowledge and data
  • Following the rules or holding back until asked. (Fuzzy sense of purpose) Doing only the work that is clearly in my job or serves my personal needs.
  • Complaining, self serving, or challenging without basis.
  • Living within a tight job description
  • Judging/responding to others based on job description/title
  • Waiting for a personnel review or required training or to be told by supervisor to make adjustments.
  • Delivering results in an exactly specified way.
  • Confrontation is a win / loose experience
  • Implementing rigid ideas.
  • Feedback is looked on as an assessment.

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