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−       Do you have an underperforming business or group of employees that you want to turn-around, but have not improved yet and don’t know what to try next?

−       Do you wonder how your employees can get to work, since they have no energy once they get there?

−       Do you hate going into the office every morning?

Together, we improve the work environment through defining values and increasing ownership in the shared work of the business.

−       Are you the only one who knows where your company is going?

−       Are you the only one who can get the job done right?

−       Do your customers always ask you to solve their problems?

I train and coach your business leaders in leadership skills and presence.

−       Have your teams failed to perform, or spent too much time in “meetings” with no one taking action on the floor?

−       Does your staff not communicate with each other; dropping key issues at critical hand-offs?

−       Do supervisors have to follow-up on all work to make sure that it’s done or done right?

We build teams that work together to achieve shared goals.

−       Are meetings in your organization

  • too long
  • non-productive
  • non-participative
  • a lecture series for the leader
  • a source of entertainment and refreshments
  • a popular place to meet new people?

I teach you to create meetings that work and involve all of the necessary people so that project work is aligned and gets results fast.

−       Does your organization complain about your decisions?

−       Is your organization not willing to make decisions?

−       Does it take forever to get agreement among key staff on the work or priority?

You create and develop leadership skills in your people, a key development in your leadership improvement, both supported by an experienced coach.