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Do you want

  • to shake up the paradigms carried by attendees into your meetings or events?
  • someone challenging the same old thoughts and perceptions of your team?
  • passion and energy focused on achieving the desired goals released?
  • high intensity focused like a laser sight on the business goals?
  • emotion to energize the logic and drive the commitment?
  • people believing that they can far exceed your goals?
  • them to have the tools to do so?

Bill does.

Bill brings energy and focused enthusiasm to every talk; and infects the audience with it. His goals is to shake the trees, rattle fillings and then offer a compelling new angle on thinking, acting, feeling, and Being. He blends logic and emotion, interest and education, and humor and science in that way that is insightful and interesting: an engineer possessed by a psychologist. He offers entertainment, folk stories and interesting concepts from arenas not typically directly linked together.

Touching all of these four parts in unique and memorable ways allows the message to reach every one in the audience and to increase the probability of it being carried out of the room and acted on. Held together by the business mission; the attendees become committed partners in the group’s total success.